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Two tenant projects in this building showcase the design methods; tools and technology used daily at AJS.


Mt. Vernon Internal Medicine is a 4,900 sq. ft. medical office build out located on the second/top floor of this recently constructed medical office building. Consisting of an arrangement for exam rooms, laboratories, office spaces and a large reception area built to suit the tenantís requirements. The space is served by a rooftop VAV system to be shared with future tenants throughout the rest of the floor.


Greater Metropolitan Orthopedics Institute is a 4.450 sq. ft. orthopedics and physical therapy facility also located on the second/top floor of this building.


Taking into consideration that these projects are the first two tenants to be designed and built for this floor, AJS incorporated the design of the base building VAV loop duct into the project, including the remaining sections of the base building loop duct into the new tenantís design requirements as the floor fills to its planned capacity.


The projects plumbing requirements include several toilets and hand wash sinks in corridors and exam rooms typical of a medical office build-out. Special requirements included communication with the base building construction team for locating floor slab penetrations early in the design process, in order to place those at the time of the pouring of the slab, to minimize future disturbances to the full floor tenant below.