Reston Hospital Center AHU
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2015 AJS Consulting Engineers, P.C.

Replace Air Handling Unit:

This unit was replaced over a weekend. Four days of down time were planned for the demolition of the old AHU and the installation of the new AHU. The unit was in fact replaced and the air was flowing in three days. This resulted in minimal loss of down time no loss of revenue.


This project, undertaken at the same time as the Catheterization Procedures Room, upgraded by replacement the air handling unit. The new unit included double wall construction and a second high efficiency air filter bed. These features improve the quality of the HVAC system in this part of the hospital. The second filter bed is required for the more invasive treatment rooms. Adding the second filter bed allows more flexibility in planning interior changes to the hospital by allowing these rooms to be located in the area served by this upgraded air handling unit..


Other projects at Reston Hospital Center include isolation room planning and pressure control, steam pipe design, ductwork modifications and energy efficiency upgrades.



Reston Hospital Center BeforeReston Hospital Center After















AHU 5 Replacement - Before















AHU 5 Replacement - After