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2015 AJS Consulting Engineers, P.C.



This project includes the repair by replacement of 14 year old roof top mounted equipment while correcting the following problems:


Pressure imbalance; The original laboratory area was designed to have a slight negative to the adjacent office space and neutral to the outside. Within the lab, some areas (Fumigation and sterilization etc.) were to be held negative to the rest of the lab. Equipment failure has upset this balance.


Loss of temperature and humidity control; Equipment failure and poor design prevents the control of both temperature and humidity. This control is critical when researching plant disease.


Controller Compatibility with Building Automation System: The existing controls are not performing well for the above functions. Replacement controls or new equipment controls must be compatible with the existing facility Building Automation System.


The new precision controlled rooftop unit combined for separate pieces of equipment into one unit that maintained the balance of the laboratory spaces.


A separate administration area rooftop unit is also replaced with a new, AC and Dehumidifying unit.

USDA Germplasm 2

CAGE Code: 0SGS5