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A 29,000 square foot full service caterer located in Landover, Maryland.  The caterer includes a front office area with meeting and tasting rooms.  The majority of the space houses the main kitchen, a separate bakery, a laundry room and warehouse.

This facility is located in a warehouse space which required all new infrastructure including new HVAC systems, a new electrical service, a new water service and an upgraded gas service.

Each of these spaces required the installation of separate HVAC systems designed for the specific function of the space.  The systems were designed with the added function of  with humidity control.  The kitchen and bakery exhaust hoods include variable speed control of the exhaust fans linked to heat sensors within the hoods to minimize energy use.  The laundry includes the addition of a 100% outside air system to accommodate the exhaust requirements of the steam irons and dryers.

The front offices include high end lighting fixtures while utilizing energy efficient lamping.

Two high efficiency water heaters provide hot water for commercial washer extractors, dishwashing facilities, restrooms, and numerous kitchen related scullery and hand sinks. An outdoor grease interceptor was also installed prior to the public sewer connection.


Susan Gage Caterers - Hyattsville, MD