Northern Virginia Community College
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2015 AJS Consulting Engineers, P.C.

Northern Virginia Community College - Woodbridge, VA

This large community college building encompasses many uses in its 150,000 square feet. These uses include classrooms, auditorium, office space, cafeteria and teaching laboratories for biology, chemistry and geology.


This project corrected the cooling system design so the building would operate with lower interior humidity. Before this project, the interior of the building had significant mold and humidity problems. Our design reduced the indoor humidity, and controls the growth of molds.


Upgrades made: Corrected outside air so building has a positive pressure. Replacement of failed heat wheels to increase the efficiency of the air systems. Replacement of chilled water coils to enhance dehumidification capacity. Changed the chilled water system to allow for better dehumidification of the building. The existing system was a primary-secondary-tertiary system, consisting of three levels of pumping all with a constant flow. This system resulted in elevated chilled water temperature during partial load conditions. This elevated chilled water temperature prevented proper dehumidification of the air and the building. The current configuration is a primary-secondary system, consisting of two levels of pumping with variable system flow. The primary-secondary system has two advantages, lower chilled water temperature for better humidity control and lower pump energy use.


AJS Consulting Engineers PC is SWAM certified as a small business in Virginia.  Anthony Scovazzo PE has completed the BCOM course.