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Watergate at Landmark

This project was the replacement of existing rooftop units ..More

Watergate at Landmark - Alexandria, VA

Adams Mill House

Adams Mill House is a four story apartment building ..More

Adams Mill House - Washington, DC

Shouson Residential Compound

The Shouson Hill residential compound includes six buildings ..More

Shouson Hill Residential Compound - Hong Kong, China

Embassy Row Hotel

The Embassy Row Hotel located at 2015 Massachusetts Ave, NW in Washington DC ..More

Embassy Row Hotel - Washington, DC

Cardozo Court

Multi-Family building with 15 dwelling units on three floors. ..More

Cardozo Court Condominium - Washington, DC

Colonnade Condominium

This project was the replacement of 240 riser isolation valves plus 240 drain and vent valves ..More

Colonnade Condominium - Washington, DC