Good Beginnings Pre-School
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Good Beginnings Pre-School - Stone Ridge, Virginia

This building, competed and occupied in January of 2015, provides 10 classrooms, a multipurpose room, outdoor pool and reading/activity spaces.  Support  facilities include a warming kitchen, office space and shower/locker facilities.  Good beginnings provides day care and the early education needs of children ranging in age from infant through the early years of primary school.


Each classroom has individual temperature controls for heating and cooling with the use of high-efficiency gas furnaces and high SEER air conditioning units. Note the use of Volumetric LED lighting. This multi-purpose room is designed to be used as an auditorium, gym or free play room. The HVAC units are individually zoned for the stage and the open area.  Both are provided with CO2 sensors and demand control ventilation to reduce energy use during periods of light and no occupancy.


Lighting Fixtures similar to the classrooms but of a higher lumen output economically fill this space with light when required.  As with the classrooms, the lighting control system is daylight and occupancy sensing.

Throughout the building. material and equipment selections were based on energy conservation.  Even the water heaters were carefully selected for high combustion and standby efficacy.