915 Rhode Island Ave
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This project, located at 915 Rhode Island Ave., was an opportunity to design a comfort system flexible enough to adapt to an uncertain occupancy. Working together with the Architect and Developer, AJS was asked to provide an energy efficient environmental system that could accommodate a law firm, or a medical office or a university dormitory.

Our expertise led us to leverage the flexibility of a new technology: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), coupled with Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs). The VRF system consists of several outdoor condensing unit serving 28 indoor air handlers.


The VRF system takes advantage of the ever changing loads and occupant’s requirements, by modulating refrigerant flow to each individual air handler connected to the system. This allows full independent comfort control by each of the air handlers.


The ERVs compliment this energy saving strategy by using plate type heat exchangers to condition the ventilation air trading heat between the required outdoor air and the flowing return air.


Lighting is LED and  T-5 fluorescent lamps with electronic controls resulting in minimal lighting energy use.